Today’s post is going to be a hard post for a few people to read

If you are one of them, then PLEASE read it all and start with the recommendations

So last weekend I was down in Winchester with Holly, when her sister was telling me about how little money she has

We are all going to Florida in mid September and she is worried that she will actually have no money to go with her


Because money management is not something we get taught at schools or colleges or university

You see, most of us live way beyond our means

We have £300 coming in each week, yet we spend £305

Exactly the same in your fitness business

You are buying new equipment or signing up to new programmes

Yet, you just don’t have the money to do it

Then when the tax year comes around and you owe a few grand, you start panicking and have to borrow to cover the bill

Putting you in even more debt

I have been there, I have had MASSIVE credit card bills

Until the day, where I decided enough was enough

The time where DKnine Fitness changed, back at the start of 2017

So if you have more money going out then you have coming in

If you are not saving for the end of tax year bill

If you are always worried about your finances

Here is what I NEED you to do 👊

1️⃣ Workout what you earn each month and open up a ISA or savings account and start putting your money into that account

2️⃣ Now write down what that leaves you with and what essentials you need each month

3️⃣ Download the last 3 months bank statements and mark down all the direct debits and all the money you spend on things that you don’t need

And then start cancelling them

You NEED to hold yourself accountable and you will get everything back under control

David 🙂

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