Facebook Lead Ads vs Conversion Ads: Which is Best for my Fitness Business?

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As a fitness business owner, you may be wondering which Facebook ad format is right for your business: lead ads or conversion ads. Both ad formats have their own unique benefits and uses, so it’s important to understand the differences between the two before deciding what type of ad campaign(s) to run.

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are designed to help businesses collect leads from potential customers (usually) without sending them to a landing page. When a user clicks on a lead ad, a form will pop up within the Facebook platform that the user can fill out with their contact information, such as their name, email address, and phone number. Because the form can be pre-filled with the user’s Facebook information, it’s easy for them to submit their details without having to type everything out.

One of the biggest advantages of lead ads is that they can help you collect leads at a lower cost than traditional conversion ads. This is because lead ads reduce the friction that often comes with lead generation campaigns by making it easy for users to submit their information. Additionally, lead ads can be used for a variety of purposes, including newsletter sign-ups, event registration, and free trial sign-ups.

Conversion Ads

Facebook conversion ads are designed to drive specific actions on your website, such as a purchase, sign-up, or download. These ads are optimized to be shown to users who are more likely to take the desired action, based on their behavior and interests. Conversion ads typically require a landing page that is optimized to convert users into customers, so no, a homepage that summarizes everything you do isn’t going to cut it.

One of the biggest advantages of conversion ads is that they can help you drive actual sales or conversions for your fitness business. This makes them a great choice for businesses that are looking to drive revenue or track specific conversions. Additionally, conversion ads can be optimized for different types of conversions, such as purchases, lead form submissions, or app installs. Post iOS14, it’s very important that your Meta Pixel is set up correctly, along with the tracking codes for your desired conversion event.

Uses for Lead Ads and Conversion Ads in a Fitness Business Marketing Strategy

When it comes to running ads for a fitness business, both lead ads and conversion ads can be effective. However, the best choice will depend on your specific business goals and marketing strategy. Here are some potential uses for each ad format in a fitness business context:

Lead Ads:

  1. Free Trial Sign-Ups: If your fitness business offers a free trial or consultation, lead ads can be a great way to collect contact information from potential clients who are interested in trying out your services.
  2. Newsletter Sign-Ups: If you want to build an email list for your fitness business, lead ads can help you collect email addresses that (through automations) can be assigned straight to the desired mailing lists.
  3. Event Registration: If you’re hosting a fitness event, such as a workshop or seminar, lead ads can help you collect and manage sign-ups cheaply and at a high volume.

Conversion ads:

  1. Gym Memberships: If you’re looking to drive gym membership sign-ups, conversion ads can be a great way to drive actual sales for your fitness business.
  2. Personal Training Packages: If your fitness business offers personal training packages, conversion ads can help you track and break down those specific events.
  3. Online Courses: If you’re selling an online fitness course, this ad format can urge your prospects to take action. And, of course, you can track those conversions on your website.


Ultimately, the choice between lead ads and conversion ads will depend on your specific business goals and marketing strategy. Lead ads can be a great way to collect leads at a lower cost, while conversion ads can help you drive actual sales or conversions. When running ads for your fitness business, it’s important to test different ad formats and strategies to see what works best for your business. Unsure of the best way to allocate your ad spend? Maybe you’ve got different offerings that could benefit from running different types of campaigns at once.

The good news is that this can all be done for you! Why not book a free consultation so you can tell us about your goals and we’ll see if our ads management services can help you scale your fitness business?

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