EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Client Retention

We have great client retention…want to know how?

Here are 5 things we do at DKnine 💕

1️⃣ Re-set The Goal Posts

When a client joins initially, they have a goal for their 6 weeks

The 6 weeks is up, they’ve stayed an extra couple of months and now it’s time to re-set their goals

Every quarter we have a chat with a client about working towards a different target

Maybe they have a holiday coming up, a challenge, a charity event This way they are always striving for more

2️⃣ Core Values & Acknowledgements

This is something we work hard on Everything we care about, and how we interact

We want to make sure we know about their families and pets

So if its a quiet session we can have an in-depth conversion

Whats going on in their lives, their family life, how their weekend was Then, the following session we can follow-up

The moment you remember something small like that, the moment they feel really cared for

3️⃣ Don’t Kit Your Studio All At Once

When we started, we didn’t have loads of money, we borrowed

And year on year we’ve been replacing equipment, updating it and just getting more and more in

This has actually worked out well. We can keep clients excited about the new equipment on the way

We are constantly growing and improving and clients LOVE to see it

4️⃣ Social Events

Most of our clients don’t have much of a social life outside of work and family So we create events

We ask them what they want, and we organise it meals out, bowling, go-karting, yoga, pilates

This is a great way to get people making friends inside and outside of the studio And that will in turn keep them with you for longer

5️⃣ Rewards & Surprises When a new client joins us, we send them a postcard

They wake up one day and have a card from us thanking them for joining the programme

That’s a surprise they were not expecting

We also send birthday cards and presents

We donate to their charity events coming up If someone in the family has been ill, we send a card

These are just small ways to show your clients you’re more than just a gym ❤️

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

All of these things keep people invested and bonded with your fitness business

And these are 5 things we do to keep our solid client base ⭐️

David 🙂

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