Everything we offer at DKnine Fitness

I get asked this question ALOT

So I think the best thing for me to do is write a blog and then I can send it to everyone that asks lol

So here is everything we offer at DKnine Fitness

🏋️‍♂️ Unlimited Gym Sessions, sessions are 45 minutes long and there is 53 sessions. We have large groups of 15 and small groups of 5

They get a super simple booking app called PTMinder. They book their sessions on it, note down measurements, track their food and so on

🙌 Client Onboarding, when a new client joins they get a Welcome Post Card, a T-Shirt, Welcome Pack, Initial 1-2-1 Assessment

🖥 They also get a 6-week ONLINE course that goes over workouts, mindset, making it a life long change, and nutrition

🌯 Moving onto Nutrition, we add new recipe books, video guides and nutrition content into the members area each and every month. We do this by outsourcing to Shane Nugent & Naomi Carson who create all the content for us

💃 Finally, we have the community, or what probably is the biggest selling point for us

We have a private members area Facebook group where a lot goes on, we have bi-weekly specialist events at the gym from Yoga to Zumba and even getting a nutritionist in

We also go out every 6 weeks to things like bowling, lads night out, ladies gin & gym, pizza night, bingo and so on

This is the basis of what we offer here at DKnine Fitness

Any questions, just let me know

David 🙂

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