Email Marketing Tips ✅

I have recently been on some training courses regarding Email Marketing, and I thought I would let you know some of the hints and tips that were emphasised.

1️⃣ Keep it brief
People aren’t going to read your email if it’s paragraphs long. You need to get your point across in one paragraph.

Make sure you take into consideration the time you are sending out your emails. Most people check their personal emails first thing in the morning or in the evening. Therefore, if you are sending out an email in the afternoon it is likely your email will not be at the top of their inbox and is then less likely to get noticed.

DO NOT add too much detail into your email. You should be sending out emails purely to start conversations. If you give someone all the information they need in an email, they are less likely to respond. You need to get people to want to know more so they respond to you with questions

4️⃣ Short Call to Action
For example…
Reply ‘YES’ to find out more
Reply ’No’ to be removed from the mailing list. (This is important as it stops people reporting you for spam as you are giving them the option to opt out)

If you get reported as spam you can get blocked from sending emails.

So taking in my own advise…
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