Don’t Quit Your Day Job 🙌🏻

This week so far we have discussed team building, chasing leads and taking payments

Today we’re going to talk about your business foundations

For many of us FitPro’s, before we got started we had a different profession

I was a full-time football coach and became a FitPro as a sideline⚽️

And what I want to say today is make sure you keep your full-time job whilst you fill-up

I’m working with someone who is currently a full-time delivery driver who wants to move into the fitness industry

So, what we’re doing is launching an online programme that doesn’t take up too much of his time🕐

So he can build the financial backing up, so he can slowly move from full-time driving to more time in the fitness industry

Plus, he can pick up 1-2-1 clients along the way

So, don’t just jump out of your full-time work

Make sure your fitness business is set up and running smoothly and is almost covering your current income 🙌🏻

Ps… getting set up is always going to be difficult, when you have to deal with your current job, family and life in general

This is exactly why we have created the FitPro Portal, to give you all the tools, templates and systems to literally plug and play straight into your fitness business and try to automate as much of your fitness business as much as possible, saving you hours each week

For full details on The FitPro Portal, come and check us out over at:

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