Did you leave yourself open to losing clients❓

Over the last few days, we have talked a lot about lead generation with the 7 Days Of Lead Generation Course we ran

Now the flip side of that

And the problem I keep seeing a lot of people have is that they just can’t keep hold of clients during this lockdown

And this also goes for when we are able to open up again

Your ads are performed well, you are signing the leads up 🙌

They complete the front end offer

Then what?…

Now I LOVE roller coaster

But I really hate queue 🤯

If I was told that a ride had a 1 hours queue, then I just wouldn’t wait

Yet a LOVE roller coaster 🎢

So what theme parks have done to accommodate people just like me is have Fast Passes

This is where I PAY MORE to get something extra, something better, something that others can’t have

It’s why at DKnine Fitness, we have 3 tiers for prices

Premium, Average, and Basic

The reason we do this is people want more

And this pricing structure also helps us keep clients for longer by being able to move them up and down the tiers when needed to re-start their motivation

Yet most of you ONLY have 1 tier…

So what can you offer them when they have had enough of this current level??

Stop leaving yourself to losing clients 👊

David 🙂


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