Did you know I own a gym??

I took a trip down to the gym today

After all it’s been a week or so since I last went to check in

A gym that’s usually bouncing, filled with laughter and smiles

Yet as I walked in today…

It felt damp, cold and empty

On the plus side, we are only a few weeks now from being able to re-open

This coming week at the gym, we have a new rig being installed

Plus we are now going to start laying the foundations to clients and new prospects

That we are starting to get ready to open again 🙌

Therefore this week, I have you covered with a load of tips, advice and strategies on getting ready for the big RE-OPEN 💪

Now if you are after the exact strategies we are going to implement at DKnine Fitness

Then the place for you is here —>> www.TheFitProPortal.com

Let’s make this coming week a good one

David 🙂

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