Did Santa bring you any of these…

First of all, I hope you all had a great day yesterday πŸ™Œ

I woke up about 9.00 am

Checked my phone and I had been tagged in 2 posts

2 members of the FitPro Portal had woken up to either a few new leads or a few sales πŸ₯³

What a Christmas present for them right 🎁

We were even trying to egg him on to try and call the lead on Christmas Day 🀣

As the day went on, we also at DKnine Fitness had a few applications come in

Now one thing I go on about a lot inside The FitPro Portal and I have written about it a few times too

Is having a series of automations in place once the lead comes in

For example, when the application came in Yesterday, the person replied to the auto-text that get’s sent out and said that she would be able to speak tomorrow

They would have also had an email telling them more about the programme and what they have just requested more information about

All of this leads to one thing…

Keeping that lead warm πŸ”₯

Yesterday is the perfect reason why we do this

They will have seen the advert and left their details

Yet they will also be busy doing all the usual Christmas Day stuff

Probably forgetting that they applied about 30 minutes ago

But if you had an auto-text letting them know we got their request and will be in contact, that gets sent to them 10 minutes after requesting more information

It stays front of mind that they requested more information from us

Then when they sit down and go through their emails in the evening, they see that email from us

Again triggering them to remember about us and to be ready for when we call

Therefore as its Boxing Day, and there will be a good chance you don’t have anything much planned for today… Go get this stuff done really quickly

βœ… Automated text the minute they request more information, telling them that you got their details and you will be in contact shortly. Make sure you add in a CTA into the text message too

βœ… An email follow-up campaign, say 5-7 days. That is filled with trust and value to keep warming the lead up to not only expect your call but to also get them ready for the consultations that you are going to book them in for πŸ™Œ

Getting this stuff in place now will massively give you the edge over your competition come the new year 😝

David πŸ™‚

Ps… did you know all of this can be found inside The FitPro Portal❓❓

We show you how to set up the automated text message and give you the texts πŸ€“

We show you how to set up the automated emails and give you the follow-up series πŸ€“

We even show you how to create the Facebook advert and give you the ads copy that is going to get them to opt-in to begin the whole lead generation sequence πŸ”₯

Learn more here:Β www.TheFitProPortal.com

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