Day 1: 5 Day Challenge: start making 10k every month

We have something that can change your lead generation forever.

Imagine if you could put your lead generation process on autopilot. You would know exactly where to find potential clients and could tell them what they need to hear to pay for your service.

I feel like most fitness business owners are struggling more than they should.

So, me and my team gave ourselves the challenge to come up with some training that will give business owners the information and resources they need to set the foundation for a 10k/month strategy completely free. In 5 days.

This training includes 5 short, actionable videos. I personally walk you through creating a strategy and the crucial first steps you must take to set up a 10k/month marketing strategy.

Most businesses miss opportunities because they do not act in time, I hope this will not be your business.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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