Can we really have automated sales?

Can we really have automated sales?
It’s a Sunday night, you’re sat on the sofa when your phone pings
New Sales 🙌
You wake up the next day….
New Sales 🙌
Think this is impossible??
Then think again 🥳
Automates sales are 100% possible
Before I tell you more about it, your ability to build trust, show value will be key
Plus this may take a little extra work to push the sales over the line
So over the last few days, we have spoken about Facebook Ad Funnels
First was Ad to landing page, collecting Name, Email & Phone number
Then phoning up every lead
Then we had Ad to landing page, collecting just email, then redirecting to an application form
Then phoning up every application
The last one I want to tell you about requires NO TIME ON THE PHONE 📲
We first need to join ManyChat… It’s 100% free!
In here we build a sales flow, a sequence of questions that guides a prospect through a number of questions designed to build trust, show value and eventually grab that sale
[We give you these Flows in The FitPro Portal 🤓]
The flow is then triggered by a keyword
For example, the word: Special Offer
You then set up a messenger advert up in Facebook, that when clicked it prompt the user to reply with the keyword
That then delivers the sales flow
Which technically means you can be fast asleep when someone sees your advert, completes the flow and pays to join your programme
Now for the downside…
KLT is key to making these sales
Which means higher prices offers will struggle to convert them automatically
Take our programme for example, we charge £159 for the 6 weeks
We run this flow and make about 1 sale automated sale a week
The rest come from chasing up with everyone who didn’t commit
By following up, answering all the questions they have, and even booking them in for a chat
This Ad set up should be something you should definitely consider
MASSIVE HINT… It works much better to a retargeted audience 😉
David 🙂
Ps… Want me to show you how to set this up?
Give you the exact flows?
Give you step by step training on how to set it up?
Give you the Facebook Ad copy that we use?
Then come and join us —>>
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