Broke to £6,000 in one hit (my story)

Broke to £6,000 in one hit (my story)

It was 5:30am…

Chucking it down with rain…

I was wet through, freezing cold and standing in the middle of a field.

But I didn’t care.

This was the day I was launching my Bootcamp business.

Nothing could’ve dampened my spirits.

After all, I was convinced that within minutes this field would be rammed full of people… all doing my workouts, at my Bootcamp.

So as the 6am workout time fast approached…

I got all the gear lined up.

Went over the workout again in my head.

And prep’d my best Mr Motivator impression… ready for the 6am start.

But 6am came… and nobody was in sight.

6:10 rolled by. Not a soul.

By 6:15 I was thinking, “They must be struggling to find the car park… everyone will be here in a minute. It’s fine.”

However, as that hour slowly rolled by, reality sunk in…

Nobody was coming.

I was gutted. 

“Must have been a one-off, the next time will be better,” I thought.

But the second time?

5 people showed, which was definitely better.

But only 2 of them paid.

3 said they would later.

But guess what?

I’m still waiting on those fivers today.

This demoralising ritual went on for 12 more miserable months.

Clients cancelling, not showing up, and money not being paid to keep up with my bills.
The business was going nowhere.

At the time, my family and I were living in Wales before making the hard decision to try things elsewhere.

So we moved to Southampton to see if things would be different down South.

And that’s where my life changed
Because just before moving, I was anxious about what laid ahead

And worrying it would be the same gut-wrenching failure all over again

I decided to distract myself by scrolling through Facebook.

And as I was scrolling, I was stopped dead in my tracks.
I came across this “fitness guy” telling me I could turn my failing fitness business into a 10k per month EMPIRE!.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

In a second I clicked to find out more.

And then I discovered the price of the course he was selling…


That was a HUGE investment for me.

Understandably, my family point black said NO!

Me on the other hand?

I knew I had to do something.

But here’s the thing…

I also knew it was a huge risk…

One that NEEDED to pay off – big time.

Feeling nervous, and with adrenaline coursing through my veins I got my credit card out and paid in full.

But what followed next, changed my whole life.

I was exposed to the world of Facebook Ads, and lead capture.

And after the course I put the skills I learnt to the test…

Bringing in £6,670 for my 90-day program alone.

Fast forward to writing this email for you now?

I’m the proud owner of my own gym in Cardiff, with 4 full-time staff members…

Helping 100’s of FitPros around the world to generate leads and turn them into paying clients with:

* Lead generating websites.

* Drag and drop Facebook Ad copy templates

* Ready to go social media posts

* Laser targeted Facebook ads

In fact, over the next few days, I’ll be sharing all the systems, tricks and tips

…That 100’s of FitPros, coaches, PT’S, and Gym owners have been using to create explosive growth in their business on a shoestring budget.

Can’t wait to share these with you (and for you to see how simple they are to use).

So keep your eyes peeled

David 🙂 

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