Automation is killing your LEADS ?

Automation is killing your LEADS ?

You phone your internet provider because something is not working

First thing you hear is an automated message asking for your issue

You tell it what’s up

It then replies with… “I am not sure what you said”


You repeat what you said

Same reply


You try once more

Same reply

? ? ?

Then you speak to a real human being ?

Now I totally get this whole automated system, they probably have 1000’s of calls a day

Yet, we only want to speak with a real person

This is exactly the same with your marketing

Automation is designed to make your life easier

But your leads will always want to speak with a real person

Put them off too early, and you will have lost them before you even get to speak with them

Therefore if you plan to automate as much as possible

From email follow ups, to text responders

Then add a bit of you to the messages

Be ready to stop an automation and answer the question yourself

Inside The FitPro Portal, we give you a 6-day email follow up after someone opts-in

But we always say to change it up, make it sound like you

Just the same with the ManyChat Flows we have inside The Portal

These need to sound like you, act like you and not a boring, it is automation that turns the leads off

Yesterday we talked about sending out a Text Broadcast

So here is a challenge for you ?

Grab all those phone numbers and send out a mass text along the lines of

‘Hi {name}, it’s {your name}, from {business name}. We are launching our final programme of the year this week, would you be interested in learning how you can drop 6kg in time for Christmas? Thanks, {name}’

Then reply to all replies as you ?

David πŸ™‚

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