Are You Doing This To Make Sure You Get That Sale?

Are You Doing This To Make Sure You Get That Sale?

This week has been all about chasing those success stories

Utilising testimonials & making it a big part of your lead gen & sales process

Tim Drummond came on and shared his experience with online high-end coaching and he was kind enough to give us his 9 step formula to case studies ??

On Tuesday, we looked at 3 different ways to generate success stories for your fitness business

And yesterday we talked about what’s working here right now when it comes to using Facebook Ads and success stories to get great leads for your fitness business

Today we’re talking about why success stories & testimonials are so successful when it comes to making the sale ?

So, let’s dive in…

A prospect walks in and looks very similar to one of your clients who you’ve had great success with ??‍♂️

They don’t necessarily look the same but they have a similar family life, similar job role, similar background or goals

Having these success stories easy for them to see and read is a powerful sales tool

For example, when someone comes in for a consultation we show them our success wall, pointing out people who look similar to them or have similar goals

Maybe its someone who has children a similar age, someone who has a wedding coming up or even a holiday

Then throughout the consultation, we keep referring back to this person

Why? To keep showing them someone just like them has done it and they can too!

This will make a huge difference ??

The more relatable stories you can create – the more interest you will get

They will be feeling left far more confident your business can help them get the results they want

So, think about how you can add this into your business


Do you have a success wall in the gym you can take people to?

Do you have testimonials written or videos you can share in emails and social media?

David 🙂

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