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I know what it feels like to struggle building a business and I don’t want you to waste your time and money on things that don’t move the needle and get you your target income every month….

My goal is to help 100 business owners start to generate £10k a month consistently and without burning out.

When I started to figure out how to generate leads for my business, it took off faster than I expected. I built a community where I share all our training and I created a lead generating service.

Now, I’m taking everything I’ve learned and condensed it down into an 8-week course.

You can make your £10k a month dreams come true. And I’d love to get you there faster.

The course kicks off on Monday and doors close tomorrow.

Here’s what we’re covering:

Week 1: Understanding Your Numbers
Week 2: Creating Your Entry & Long Term Offers
Week 3: Creating Your Marketing Calendar
Week 4: Telling The World About Your Offers (Paid Advertising)
Week 5: Telling The World About Your Offers (Organic Advertising)
Week 6: Chasing The Down The Leads
Week 7: Making The Sales
Week 8: Catch-Up & Support Week
Week 9: Continued Business Growth
Week 10: Building Your Website

That covers EVERYTHING you need to crush your goals, and you’ll get 24/7 access to me and my team for support.


PS Doors close tomorrow night or when the course is full (max 15 participants)

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