Your are JUST NOT READY for Facebook Ads

Your are JUST NOT READY for Facebook Ads

I run Facebook Ads for FitPro and business owners all over the world

Mostly studio owners or FitPros who have been doing this for years

And then occasionally I will take on newer FitPros

But there is usually one BIG and when I say BIG

I mean MASSIVE issue we need to get sorted before we can even start putting ads out

Because if you are NOT READY

Not ready to an influx of leads, or people messaging, wanting to pay, wanting to know more

Then you will never make any sales

So here is my super quick start guide to
getting everything you need ready BEFORE starting to run Facebook Ads

1: You NEED a Privacy Policy before you do anything else

Before running ads, you will need to have a privacy policy page on your website that you can put on any landing page or Facebook Lead Ads form

Without this Facebook won’t let you run ads, or if you do squeeze through they will quickly shut you down

2: Landing and Thank you page

The best way to use Facebook Ads is to generate leads, this is all about sending people to a landing page to collect their details. Usually their name, email & phone number

This page NEEDs to be appealing to the person landing on it to leave their details.

Once they put there details in, you need to then have a “Thank You” page to let them know what happens next. This can be a video or a simple page with text and pictures telling them what happens now.

You could also use this page for a place for an application form for them to complete to give you more details.

3: The follow up email system

Once someone applies, you will need to be ready to call them up. Sometime this isn’t always possible or they just don’t answer.

This is were an email follow up comes in to play, to start building trust, telling them about the program and for them to get to know everything about your program ready for them to join. Aim fo about 5 days of emails to be sent out.

4: Call and sales script

Now it’s time to call the leads…

What do you say?

How do you take payment?

What if they say no?

This is where you need to have a call and sales script of sort ready to deal with everything than can come up.

And that’s about it…

My quick start guide to getting ready to starting with Facebook Ads

David 🙂

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