A restaurant NEEDS a menu, and so do you ?

A restaurant NEEDS a menu, and so do you ?

You walk into a restaurant, find a table and sit down

A waitress walks up to you and asks what you want?

She says the choices are ……

And she just keeps going, 35 different things ?

All you would possibly remember is the last few things she said right?

➡️ OR

She walks up to you and provides you with a menu, points out a few specials and leaves you for a few minutes

You have a good look over, and decide on something you haven’t eaten in a while

So… Menu or No Menu?

The choice is obvious, right?

? What about then when a prospect walks into your gym, or you’re on the gym floor and you start talking to someone

Do you….

? Give them the “no menu” option and just tell them what’s included

? Or do you provide them with a nice guide showing what included and the benefits to each

This is something we cover in The Portal in a few different ways

Let’s take the standard PT consultation for example

You have worked hard to generate this leads, and warmed them up enough to convince them to come in for a chat

Now it’s time to WOW them ?

You sit them down, go over what they want, why they have come, why now is a good time to start

Then you go in for the sale

You pull out a nice laminated or printed booklet

Or presentation to show them the program

This then shows them each aspect of your program

You show them the sessions and the benefits of doing them and how they are going to really help them

You show examples of your meal plans & recipe books

You show them some clients results and all the benefits of the program

Then you move in for the sale ?

Imagine how much more they are going to:

✅ Visualise the program
✅ How it is going to help them
✅ The value of the program

Imagine how much easier it is going to be for you to make that sale compared to you just listing off what you offer and that it

If you want to improve your lead to sale formula

I would 100% recommend you get your sales presentation or folder together

David 🙂

PS… Have no idea where to start? Then come join us in The Portal and get the ready-made downloads: https://www.fitproleadgen.com/get-started/

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