5 Ways you Can Fill your Free Facebook Group

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5 Ways you Can Fill your Free Facebook Group

Yesterday, Jono shared his insights into how he has managed to grow such a successful Free Facebook group

If you don’t know what this is, it’s an incubator where you bring potential cold leads in, warm them up, get them excited and offer them the chance to join your programme 🙌🏻

Just like when we offer you to join FitPro Lead Gen with Dave!

We post loads of free content every single day, so head over and search for it!

Today though, I’m sharing 5 ways you can fill your FREE Facebook group up with potential leads so you can start warming them up and selling to them ⬇️

1️⃣ Tell the world about your free group – Consider who your group is for and tell tell everyone about it! On your timeline, Facebook page, emails, Instagram, emails, your daily videos! That way you are getting a load of people interested and you will start to fill your group

2️⃣ Link the Group wherever you can – at the end of every post we do, we add a link! On our website, our blog posts, our social posts…everything has a link!

3️⃣ Run Advertisement to your Free Group – you can’t run direct traffic ads directly to a facebook group with a URL. But there’s a way around this – we tend to create a nice landing page with a link at the bottom that sends them to the free Facebook group. Or we can run an advert straight to it – a free challenge or a free ebook with a link below to request access to the group.

4️⃣ Run a Competition or Giveaway – Why not now, give people a real valid reason to join. Run a competition or free giveaway and the only way to access this is to join the FREE group. For example, for Fitpro, every other week we do a live free training and the only way people access this is joining the group. Or something like this…’when we get to 1000 followers we will give you X for FREE’. And then go ahead and tell everyone on your socal media, emails & blogs!

5️⃣ Fully Optimise your group – This should have come right at the start! Before we begin, decide who this group is for, come up with a name and everyone will recognise and know straight away what it’s for. ‘Cardiff Over 30’s Health & Fitness’ – it’s clear, easy to search and will come up in suggestions. Plus, the more details you put in your group description, the more likely Facebook is to recommend the group in other places.

Those are 5 ways we recommend you grow or increase numbers inside your Facebook group 💪🏻

I hope this helps if you’re looking to set up your very own Free Facebook Group

Once you’ve done this, check out yesterdays video with Jono on how he managed to grow such a successful group!

David 🙂

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