5 Tips To Grow Your Fitness Business

This week is all about business growth & development

Yesterday Stephanie shared her experience and knowledge on the industry

Today I’m sharing 5 tips you should consider to develop your business

1) Get the price right ✅

If you want to grow your business you need to charge an amount that works

When we first started we played around with pricing and went with £50 a month membership

When we look back, we’re literally pulling our hair out 🤯

It stopped us from moving forward

This is what held us back

You dont have to charge massive amounts

But charge a price you’re happy with 🙌

2) Hire some help

If you love coaching, hire someone to do admin & sales

If you prefer the business side of things, hire someone to do the coaching

Hire fast but also make sure they are the right fit for your fitness business

We want our staff to bring the business up, not drag it down 😎

3) Spread the cost

This is one we’ve done loads of times

Equipment can be expensive…VERY expensive

But if you look most companies offer interest-free periods

Usually 12 months in length 😇

There’s nothing worse then loads of equipment setting you back

So, look out for these offers

And spread the cost over 12 months… interest-free! 💪🏻

4) Know your cost per lead and sale

Because if your front end programme is £100 and it costs you £150 to bring them in

You know this is – £50

So we need to make sure you’re making some sort of profit, or at least breaking even 😌

If that client goes on to stay for 12 months then it was worth it

If they leave after 6 weeks…then it’s not!

So bear this in mind!

And make sure you’re considering those cost per leads and cost per sales

5) Operations manual

This is key 🗝

Have an operations manual

What to do, step by step inside your fitness business

So you can step away, and the business can still run without you

Literally, every single aspect of your business 🙌

So – get typing!

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

So those are 5 tips to help you grow your fitness business

David 🙂

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