5 Tips On Understanding Your Audience

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week is all about understanding your audience πŸ’ͺ

Specifically when it comes to prospects and how to keep your clients long-term

On Monday Tanya talked all about the importance of understanding your target audience

Today, I’m giving you 5 specific things that are important when it comes to understanding your niche, your target audience and understanding their language

So everything you do for your business, like the sales pitches you present and your social media is specifically targeted for them πŸ‘

Lets dive in:

1️⃣ Take notes

Start getting all the information you need about them and anyone in their target audience range

The way I do this, is I take notes about what they are wanting to achieveπŸ“

I take notes from anywhere – a sales consult, chatting with a client, scrolling through Facebook

And then I can use this with everything I do, ads, social media, consults – all of it!

2️⃣ Ask the right questions

When you’re having this consult and asking them questions or when you’re out on the gym floor

Instead of asking ‘how was your day’

Ask them specifically about their nutrition today πŸ₯•

If you want to know why they joined, ask them!

They will give you great content for you to use on your socials and in your consults

3️⃣ Put a survey out

Your survey should be asking the clients…how are you getting on? what more can we offer? do you feel supported?

When we used to do this, we would give them a blank box to reply with their answers

It got confusing ❌

Instead, we now ask specific questions and get them to rate us 1-5

Then at the end we give them a chance to leave any final comments or suggestions πŸ‘

4️⃣ Look where your prospects spend their time

If you dont have many clients and you’re struggling for content

The best thing to do is look where your prospects hang out

Facebook groups, magazines, TV programmes πŸ“Ί

This will give you a good insight into their conversations, interests

5️⃣ Creating core values

Now you’ve asked questions, taken notes, put out surveys, know their interests

Its time to create your core values πŸ’•

This is what your business runs towards

Our surveys ask about our core values

Do they feel welcomed? Are the sessions challenging enough? Do they feel supported outside of the session?

This gives us insight and confidence into our programme and what we can do better πŸ’ͺ

Plus it makes great social media! πŸ“²


So those were 5 ways to generate content and ideas, to generate clients and keep that client retention high

So maybe try a few of these, it will really benefit your business in the long-term

David πŸ™‚

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