5 Tips For Generating Sales

This week is all about generating sales 💸

James started the week off! What an interview it was, so if you’re struggling and need a confidence boost go and check it out

Today I’m sharing 5 ways you can boost your sales

1️⃣ Confidence
Talk slowly, and really force them to open up. Don’t let them rush. Be confident with the way you present yourself and show you’re in charge, you’re the expert and its nothing new for you.

2️⃣ Listen
Now it’s time to be quiet and listen. The more they talk, the more ammunition and pain-points they give you to work with when it comes to the sale. If they discuss their holiday you can reflect this back to them, you can discuss feeling comfortable on holiday and being active on the beach etc.

3️⃣ Price Menu
When you go to a restaurant they will name the meal and explain what’s in it. Sometimes when you’re talking to someone and you tell them they get 3 PT led sessions and nutrition they might not actually know what this means. So have a pricing menu. A sheet explaining what each thing is.

4️⃣ Ice-Breaker
Probably should have been tip 1! We’ve talked about this a lot. They will be nervous and wary. We need to relax them and get them talking and comfortable so they feel in charge of the conversation. Offer them coffee, walk them around, ask about their day. Release that tension so you can comfortably sell to them later.

5️⃣ Relatable
Find someone who they can relate to. There’s no point in someone saying they want to lose 3 stone and you talking about an athlete you’re working with hitting a PB. Find someone who you have worked with who had the same goals as them. Explain the process they went through. Tick off everything they want to achieve. Show them social proof that it is possible!

So those are 5 sales tips from us! 🙌🏻

We’ve covered this a few times so head back previous videos as there are PLENTY of other tips too!

David 🙂

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