5 Tips for Generating Content

5 Tips for Generating Content

5 Tips for Generating Content

This week is all about generating content to either generate leads or make sales 💸

Yesterday we started off with Jake sharing his ideas around creating awesome emails and generating leads and sales

Today, I have 5 tips coming your way

And this is how we go through the process of creating this video or audio – however you’re consuming it 👊🏻

You see…

We create the content and share it across 5 different platforms ⬇️

1️⃣ Creating this video – every single day we do this email, social media post, podcast and video. This all starts here. We plan the topic, Elsie sets the camera up and we work through it.

2️⃣ Upload it to Youtube & Anchor – We add it Youtube and then add it to Anchor, a podcast provider. Anchor converts your Youtube video and distributes it to other podcast providers like Spotify & Apple store.

3️⃣ Email it out – The hardest part. Poor Elsie has so transcribe the whole audio. As she edits the video, she transcribes it & sends it out as an email.

4️⃣ Post it on social media – Grab the same text and stick it into Buffer. This will schedule your social media to post accross Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn. If the text is too long we simply add a link to the rest of the post via the blog.

5️⃣ Bonus tip number 5 – We’ve done YouTube for anyone who wants to watch, podcasts for anyone that wants to listen, an email & social media for anyone who wants to read. But remember that’s just our followers. So, every Tuesday we post our posts into several community groups on Facebook. For example, I’m going to post this post into UKPT’s Facebook Group. I think this group has over 17,000 FitPro’s. Hopefully generate some likes, comments and people wanting to know more about what we do so they can come and work with us!

By doing this you create 1 piece of content but you can distribute it in many different places, in many different ways

So definitely something to give a go yourself! 😎

David 🙂

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