5 Things To Consider When Posting To Social Media

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This week is all about creating content to generate engagement, leads & sales 😎

Yesterday, Alex talked all about what she’s doing for her own fitness business and her fitpro clients with social media and emails

Today, I’m sharing 5 things you need to be doing every single day with your social media posts to generate engagement, leads and make more sales ❗️


Before we dive in…

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So here are 5 things you need to consider to smash your social media

1️⃣ How often you post

When a prospect comes to your page or account, we want to make sure they’re seeing up to date content

They want to know you’re still active

They want to be reassured and trust you

We recommend posting twice a day

Head back to Alex’s interview yesterday for social media post ideas

2️⃣ Keep it positive 😇

People will always talk about the good things, the things that impress people

So if you’re posting negative posts, people will not comment, they will not engage

But if you post ‘tell me your most favourite workout’

This is positive and people will engage, they will want to impress others

3️⃣ REPLY!

Whatever sort of post, whenever you get a comment…REPLY!

This will make more people engage with your posts

Plus, it lets them know you want to engage with them and they will engage more on future posts too

4️⃣ Run a poll

We use this all the time. We run polls

‘Breakfast Ideas’
‘Favourite Time To Train’

People LOVE to engage with polls

And when they do engage, message them privately. Thank them for taking part in your poll and start that conversation

This is a great way to turn someone into a lead

5️⃣ Tag clients

Try and find ways you can reach more people with your posts

Simply tag your clients in the post and all of their friends will see this post too

This way you’re spreading your post, more people are seeing it and you will get loads more engagement

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

So those are 5 things to really consider when posting on your social media channels

Keep building that KLT 💪

David 🙂

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