5 Simple Automations To Make Life Easier

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week is all about adding automations and systems into your business to save you time and allow things to run smoothly

Yesterday, in our Guest Interview, Joe McNee shared how to add systems in, what’s systems are best to use and how to utilise your time best ✅

Today though, I want to share with you 5 simple automations that will make your life far easier


1️⃣ Payment

When someone pays for entry into your business, we need to have them move onto a recurring payment

If you don’t you will have to chase them every time

They can vanish without saying anything

And give plenty of other excuses 🤯

So make sure you get all of your clients set up on recurring payments

Use stripe, paypal, go-cardless

There are plenty of ways to do this 💸

2️⃣ Social media

This can take up SO much time

If you are consistent – every day 👉🏼

This could take up almost an hour – to create a good quality post

So can you schedule all of your posts in advance?

Use buffer

It may take 5-6 hours of creating and scheduling an entire months worth of social media ⏱

But this will save you time in the long-run AND stress

Or come and join us in The Portal 😆

We give you all your social media and canva graphics to go with

All you need to do is schedule them! ✅

3️⃣ Client Onboarding

When someone new joins your business there is SO much to tell them

However…like I said last week

Don’t bombard them ❗️

They will get confused and may not stay

So try to come up with everything you need to tell them

And deliver it to them automatically over the length of your programme

That way then, you don’t forget to tell them things 😇

You don’t overload them

And instead, you drip feed it to them, they feel relaxed and they are more likely to stay!

4️⃣ Lead Generation

Our speciality 🤗

When you go from a Facebook Ad to Landing Page

You collect Name, Email Phone Number

The best automation for this is:

When they give you their email – it adds them automatically into your email marketing system 📧

When you get the phone number – send out an automated text message that you will be in contact 📱

Then finally, name email and phone number all get added into your lead tracker system 🤓

So make sure your leads auto system is in place

Zapier is perfect for this!

5️⃣ Accountant

I used to do my tax return at the end of January … with days to spare

And it was VERY stressful

So what I do now is let the account sort EVERYTHING 🙏🏻

He takes care of payroll, bookkeeping, tax returns, VAT returns

Yes – we check in once a month to see what they need etc.

But by doing this way we save SO much time

You could even potentially have your accountants set up your payment from clients

Free-ing up even more time!


So those are 5 key automations we use the most!

I hope that helps

David 🙂

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