4 Ways To Never Struggle For Content Ideas Again ?

4 Ways To Never Struggle For Content Ideas Again ?

Creating new content is one of those things we, unfortunately, have to do as a fitness business owner

Being front of mind & consenting building KLT is key to prospects choosing your fitness business over your competitors

That’s why not only putting out new content but also creating content that is relevant & builds KLT is key!

That’s why today, I wanted to help you get a better understanding on how to the creative sparks to create the content, but to also not just create for the sake of creating it

But to create content to, in turn, turns prospects into leads & clients

Let’s dive into with number 1…

The first one starts with a pen & paper and your consultations

This one alone is your gold mine for what is relevant and what you need to be posting about

The prospect sat in front of you, if you ask the right questions, will give you ideas, suggestions, worries, wins, struggle and so much more for you to write about for the next month ?

So go grab that pen & paper and start taking notes ?

Okay, number 2…

Next, we need to checking out the health and fitness magazines that your target audience are likely to read

Some of these magazines literally spend millions of pounds a year to create the perfect content for the readers

Therefore go and grab a few, have a look at what stands out on the front page, have a look at the topics they talk about, search for what issues and trends keep popping up in them

Then create your own content based on what these magazines spend 1000 on researching

Next at 3, we have current trends…

This one will take a little more creativity on your side, my best example is

I’m a Celebrity, when this is on everyone is talking about it

So we use what is trending, that programme and create content based around it that we can relate back to our target audience

For example the bush tucker challenger, we would write something along the lines of

Let us show you how you can still eat your favourite meals and not jungle food and still get fantastic results

Look at what is trending, and relate that back to your services ?

I have saved the best one for last for a reason, as only the serious readers who have got this far will actually action this point

As it is the hardest one to do, but will deliver the best possible rewards

And this is creating and Avatar Form ?

This is all about us knowing our target audience better than they know themselves, always being able to deliver exactly what they have going on in their mind

Nail your avatar, and you will dominate your area ?

So there you go…

4 ways that if you implement correctly will not only improve the content that you put out but all also MASSIVELY increase the number of enquires you get

David 🙂

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