3 Ways To Get Client Success Stories

3 Ways To Get Client Success Stories

This week is all about client referrals, case studies & success stories

Having these in place will make such a different when it comes to sitting down with a lead or client prospect

Tim Drummond talked about his high end online coaching and shared his knowledge on case studies and was kind enough to give us access to his client case study formula

So head over to Youtube to check it out!

Today we’re looking at 3 top client success stories you need to help make a lead a sale

1️⃣ Facebook Review – Instead of asking for a Facebook and google review at the same time ask for 1 first. Message them and compliment them on their progress and ask if they would be kind enough to give you a review. Include a link to give the review! Once they have done this…drop them another message thanking them and asking them to copy and paste it over on google

2️⃣ Video Review – we all learn in different ways. A Facebook review is a written review and a lot of people like to read these. But video reviews take it to another level. You can see the persons body language, their personality and if its a great review you will really feel their enthusiasm. Make sure you have your questions ready and when you’re editing it cut out every time you ask the question and just merge their answers together. Share it on Facebook, on your emails, on your instagram! This will really boost your success with new clients

3️⃣ Before & After pictures – We all know a before & after picture tells a great story. If they’ve lost a huge amount of weight its really really inspiring for other people in a similar situation to see and it encourages them to believe that they could do it too. Plus, include how much they have lost in cm and KG to really inspire people. Here at DKnine we find our before & after photos really get people interested in everything we do here.

So, they were the 3 top client success stories you need to help make a lead a sale ??

From written reviews to video testimonials to inspiring photographs

Do you have any other great ways of getting testimonials from clients to help with your selling?

We would love you to share them with the group in the comments below ⬇️

David 🙂

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