3 Essential Ways to Successfully Chase Leads

3 Essential Ways to Successfully Chase Leads

Welcome to Top Tips Tuesday

Today we’re talking about follow-ups.

We generate leads, then we have follow-ups, then the sale

But the sale is usually made in the follow-up and this is the hardest part of the whole process ?

When chasing these leads, the biggest struggle most people have is that people expect the lead to buy straight away, pick up the phone or reply to the email straight away

So let’s go over 3 key things during the follow-up process you need to do to make sure you’re booking these leads in

? Phone Calls – The key thing at this stage is to ring more than once or twice. They could be super busy the times you rang on the first and second attempt. Ring them a minimum of 3 times…I recommend five. We also recommend not ringing them at the same time every day.

?Text – Send a text after every single phone call. Design these messages in a way that builds urgency. Explain that you have tried to call and why you were ringing. The second day, explain that you tried to call yesterday and ask when is a good time to try again. If you are ringing 3 times, for the third message, explain its the final time you will contact them and explain why you’re in contact again. Some people just like to text – so make sure you get on this!

Another great idea is an automated text. If someone goes through to your ad and applies and they get an automated message – they know we have their details and will be following up.

? Emails – make sure you are sending email follow-ups. This is your chance to give a lot more information then you could in a text. It’s time to really promote and sell what you have to offer. Build the KLT (know, like and trust). Make sure you give them loads of opportunities to reply or fill out an application form. We recommend a minimum of five emails.

David 🙂

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