17 way to generate leads this weekend

Time To Read: 3 minutes

To celebrate the weekend

I wanted to give you the second and third part of the 5 Day -> 10k Challenge

The first step was building the foundation and knowing your numbers in order to get to 10k

We then focused on how to maximise your profits

Honestly, go check that first training out if you want to get to 10k ASAP once we get to re-open

Today, I want to start giving you the steps

Yeah, it’s all great talking about having a 10k business and how many clients you need

But before getting there, we first need to find those clients

Therefore today, I want to give you 17 ways you can generate leads

Online & Offline

Free & Paid

To be able to plug directly into your Eco-System

And never run out of leads again 🙌

Here is the link to the todays videos and the first —>> https://www.fitproecosystem.com/5day 

David 🙂

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