What We Are Doing At DKnine Fitness…


This morning I did my first ever Zoom workout and live-streamed it in the member’s Facebook group

We had about 10 people join live on Zoom, and about 5 watched live on Facebook

Initial results… POSITIVE 🙌

I posted a picture on my profile of me doing it and of course, a load of you asked for a setup video

So after recovering for about 30 minutes, 🤣 I create a setup tutorial for you to follow: https://youtu.be/2oAixkeXcd4

Today I wanted to talk more about getting set up online and what we are doing at DKnine Fitness

As you may come into the issue of the online side of things taking off and then when the gym re-opens you then almost have to give up the online to focus back on the gym

So today, I am going to show you how we are going to launch an online programme and then set it up in a way that we can keep running it once we open the door at the gym again

**The FitPro Daily video goes into more details on what we are going to talk about… You can find it on YouTube**

So, we start with the FREE community group on Facebook

In here we are going to post 1 Live workout per week, 1 walkthrough workout per week and a 1-week challenge once a month

This then takes us to the DKnine Online programme which is going to have an FEO of £4.99, then £20 per month after

In here we are going to provide 2 live workouts per week, 2 walkthrough workouts per week, they will have the members support area, our recipe books and videos that we get from Naomi Carson and the Gold Package we get from Shane Nugent

Plus we will be setting a new weekly challenge for them to jump in with

And the way we can keep this going once the gym opens up again is simple, those LIVE workouts will be done at 3pm Tuesday and Thursday and our first session at the gym is 4pm 🙌

As for our current gym clients, we are running 6 online live workouts per day for them to joins in with

These will include a kettlebell workout, core workout & HIIT workouts

We are also going to link up with other specialist instructors around Cardiff to deliver online LIVE Zumba, Pilates and Yoga workouts, possibly once a week

We will then be having a weekly bingo session and a weekly quiz night, plus the usual 1-2-1 client calls, food diary check-ins and more

All this layout out like this, keep our current clients happy until we re-open the gym

And means that all the work we are putting into launching DKnine Online won’t go to waste and will be another income stream once the gym re-opens

Enjoy your final Sunday night before all the madness

David 🙂

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The FREE Ebook Strategy…

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Setting Up A 7 Day FREE Trial Funnel for your Fitness Business

Setting Up A 7 Day FREE Trial Funnel for your Fitness Business

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