The Story Continues…

The Story Continues…

This week we’ve been talking all about writing content ✏️

Specifically daily emails, social for your free Facebook groups & content for your website

Writing content is key because we need people to know you, like you & trust you

We also need to make sure the content we put out includes stories

Stories make it easier for people to relate to you and visualise themselves getting similar results ??

For example, when I worked in Southampton we only worked with over 30’s women

I am a man, I was 24 and I had no idea what a 35-year-old mother of 2 was going through ?

I had no way I could relate to this prospect coming into the gym

So I needed to create a story they could relate to

To make them feel comfortable and want to buy ?

The story was simple

I decided DKnine was all set up based on what my mum wanted

She worked full time
Had 4 children
She always did everything for us
Never had any time for herself

?? because I knew my target audience could relate to this and they would want these results for themselves

Now it’s over to you to create some stories that are reletabale to your potential clients

Show them its tried & tested and will work for them

Your sales structure itself will be so much easier ??

David 🙂

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