Don’t Take Your Clients For Granted

This week is all about getting your programme in check so you can keep clients for longer

On Monday Ash shared his experiences in creating programmes for PTD Ninja πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ

On Tuesday I shared 4 things we have at DKnine that make it run successfully

Wednesday, we shared what’s working for us right now with onboarding βœ…
Today, I want to share something we take for granted when it comes to our relationships with clients

On Tuesday, tip 4 was to show you care about your clients

And after thinking about this it got me thinking about some clients I used to have in Southampton

We became great mates πŸ˜„

I would jump into sessions, we would go out for meals 🍽

And one day they just decided to up and leave

No notice ❌

He said thanks for your help – goodbye

And this really caught me off guard 😰

I thought we were great mates

But we have to remember we can’t take this for granted

They are paying us for their results πŸ’Έ

Some clients will come in, get what they need and leave

You can try your hardest to give more but they just don’t want it

They might become great friends with you but as soon as they leave, they vanish off the face of the earth 🌎

This is our industry!

Be realistic, and don’t take them for granted!

David πŸ™‚

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