Don’t Let Them Forget About You!

Don’t Let Them Forget About You!

Happy Friday! And we have come to the end of our week all based on Sales ?

On Monday Neil talked all about the art of selling in the fitness industry ??

Tuesday I walked you through 5 sales tips from sending confirmation messages, welcoming them, the consultation & making the sale

We shared with you what’s working for us, and spoke all about the differences between the main programme and the down-sell

Yesterday we went off-topic & I shared with you 9 steps I gave to someone who joined the portal and was just getting started

Today I want to carry on with something we discussed last Friday ?

Last Friday I set you the task to contact 20 new prospects every day

To start conversations and potentially generate some leads & sales ?

This week then lead us into sales and today’s task is something we’re going to do when sales don’t happen ❌

We’ve been generating these leads, whether it be through fb ads, referrals, emails

The consultations are going ok, you’ve made a couple of sales but some people have left the consultation without buying

Every single person that has left…write their name into a sheet ✏️

And 4 weeks…this is what I would send them

‘Hi NAME, David here from DKnine Fitness. 4 weeks ago you popped down for a consultation and I just wanted to let you know we still have spaces available. NAME joined 4 weeks ago and has already hit X Goals.’

Make this personalised & follow up that no-sale ✅

Remember if you’re spending on ads

£5 on the lead
1 hour trying to sell

Why not message them 4 weeks later and really push it

If they’re still interested, offer them a free session! ??

Then you’ve generated an extra sale

So make sure you keep going with those follow up texts

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

1 more task you can do to push this even further

Send 1 text out to every single person who has ever replied every 3 months

Upload all the numbers into clicksend and send out a mass message

And that’s another way to generate an additional sale from someone who wasn’t initially committed in your first consultation ??

Give it a go…let us know how you get on!

David 🙂

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