Client Retention Success: How We Do It

This week has been all about how to get clients excited and committed to long term with your fitness business

Monday Simon shared his set up at C&S Fitness. He discussed the different and extra things he does to keep his client retention high

On Tuesday I shared 4 things were doing at DKnine to hold onto our current clients

and Wednesday was What’s Working

Yesterday, was all about getting those testimonials in – to not only get current clients excited again but to reel in some new ones 😆


Today I want to run over some of the key ideas from this week

Do clients want all these additional sessions and constant check-ins from us? ❗️

They’re stuck in their home and so we have to be careful with the contact we give

If we over-do it, it may give them a reason to leave

By simply tagging them in a comment in the group it shows them you are thinking of them and you care but you aren’t hassling them 😇

Plus, putting a booking system in place means that clients have to check-in instead of just show up

This means they are really committing to a specific time

And the chances of them showing up are far higher ⬇️

Now to set some goals 🥅

Clients have a lot to think about right now, family, children, work

Health & fitness may be at the back of their mind 🥲

So step in and get them to set some goals for between now & when lockdown is ending

This 60-90 day goal will get them out of lockdown and back into the gym

This way they will be back on track and remembering why they initially came to you 🤗

And this is where that key testimonial comes in

A quick video about:

Why they started, what were their struggles, what results did you get them….

This will trigger all kinds of emotions that will make them want to stay with you


I hope this week has been a little eye-opener into what we’re doing here to keep the clients engaged and motivated

David 🙂

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