Check Out These Numbers

I know it’s a Sunday

You are probably relaxing while thinking…

This week, I NEED a few more clients to sign up

Well today I want to show you some cool numbers ?

First of all… on the 8th of June we are increasing our Facebook Ads Management Prices to £450 per month

So these numbers reflect the current price of just £400 per month

What’s even more crazy is these numbers were over Christmas last year

They spent = £336.89
They generated = 194 leads
That’s = £1.73 per lead
31 people signed up = £9.28 per sale
Bringing in = £3,121

So my ads management cost = £400
Plus the FB Ad Send = £336.89
Total = £736.89 spent

Giving them a profit of = £2,384.11

Over Christmas ?

Like I said…

We are increasing the price of all our service at midnight on the 7th June

Learn More here:

Or drop me a message if you want to chat

David 🙂

Ps.. that link again:

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