7 Days Of Lead Generating, Social Media Dominations & Load of FREE Goodies – Day 5

Welcome To Day 5

Welcome to day 5 ?

The last few days have been epic right?

Day 1: Facebook Ads Client who sold 19 spaces for a $78 ads spend!
Day 2: Simple FREE Social Media Strategy To Generate You Sales
Day 3: Setting Up A Lead Generating Website
Day 4: Setting up a Facebook Competiton Advert, and how we took a £10 ad spend and turned it into a £3750

You should be starting to get a lot more clarity when it comes to moving your fitness business forward in regards to generating enquires.

So far, we have covered 2 different ways of running Facebook Ads, we have looked at how to post on social media to generate leads for FREE, plus we looked at how to turn your website into a lead generating machine.

Today we look at a different part of social media, a FREE Facebook Group and how to fill it

Your Facebook should be like an incubator, warming up leads and getting them ready for when you have something to offer.

The leads you get from the FREE Group system will always be high quality leads as they will have a great understanding of you and your business.

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