❗️ 50% OFF Your First Month in The Portal ❗️

❗️ 50% OFF Your First Month in The Portal ❗️

Make This a Priority and you WILL Build That KLT

This week has been all about generating content to generate interest and make sales💸

We had Matt on Monday and he shared ideas on never running out of content again

Tuesday, we shared 3 tips on writing perfect ad copies, emails and social posts

Wednesday, was what’s working for us

and Today, I’m sharing a foundational tip which is super key!

Get this right, and you will have far more interest in what you have to offer

Yesterday, we talked branding…so everyone knows its you 🙌🏻

If you have that sorted,

Our foundational tip is carrying out your social media consistently

Don’t go all in one week and then fall off the cliff the next🤯

So, if you’re thinking about writing big copies and social posts

You have to make it a priority

If you will struggle to write it every day, tell your consumers it will only be 2-3 times a week 😋

Don’t over-promise
Like these videos

At the start of the year, I decided I would do a video every single week day

And we have more or less achieved that 🤗

We’ve probably missed 10 in total

So, make sure you decide how often you will do it

And stick with it

Fall off and people will forget about you, you won’t build that KLT ❌

David 🙂

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